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On trial for a Bible tweet | Kittie Helmick and Sofia Hörder | The Critic Magazine
Alongside her bishop, Finnish Member of Parliament Päivi Räsänen is standing criminal trial for expressing Christian beliefs on marriage and sexuality. The case began as too many of today’s assaults…
Canada moves to criminalize gender critical feminism over transphobia ‘hate speech’ claims
Women’s rights activism may soon be construed as hate speech under the Canadian Criminal Code, unless Canadian citizens organize to oppose the totalitarian laws.
Political Opinion Should Be Excluded From Hate Speech Protections | Scoop News
The Human Rights Commission has largely endorsed the Government’s proposals to broaden protection against hate speech but does not want political opinion included. In June the Ministry of Justice published a document with six proposed reforms to ...
New hate speech laws planned for South Africa – including jail time for messages sent via WhatsApp
Korean women keep short hair after Olympic Gold Medalist An San targeted for her hairdo
South Korea women lambasted male chauvinists for discrimination and misogyny as they launched ‘It doesn’t make me less of a woman’ campaign
‘Once she was aware of the comments and did not remove them, she is responsible for them’
A dispute over a Facebook post by radio newsreader Beth Rep was meant to end with an apology to transgender activist Bridget Clinch. Instead, the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal found the post and comments were “rude, offensive and unacceptable” and awarded Ms Clinch $10,000 in compensation.

Trans activists are stepping up their war on women
Andrew Boff: In fair, inclusive and diverse communities there is no place for hatred and discrimination against LGBTI people
Statement by the Congress Rapporteur on LGBTI issues on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, 17 May 2021 ...
David Seymour: Harsher penalties for hate speech than for assaulting women, children
Speaking to Q+A with Jack Tame the MP for Epsom argued that increasing limits on speech would hamper political debate. on foot of the awarding of an OBE to philosopher Kathleen Stock