Boys can aspire to go to outer space, but for girls "love is all you need"?

Thread from June 27th 2023

Why is sex repeatedly said to be "assigned at birth" @IrishTimes? You know it's simply observed. Use of puberty blockers in children’s gender service to be reviewed – The Irish Times

Please start asking why the numbers being seen with gender dysphoria have switched from 73% adult males to 70% girls.

What can they have in common?

See how it follows through in Gender Recognition Certificates: the greatest cohort of those in the Register of Gender Recognition is young women (here expressed as male).

Why is no one asking why?

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More than twice as many girls have been referred from Ireland to the Tavistock, a Freedom of Information request revealed earlier this year:

The youngest was five years old.

Again, twice as many girls were actually seen, the youngest being seven:

Was @HSELive aware of Dr David Taylor's 2005 report of concerns about practices at the Tavistock? Children's gender identity clinic concerns go back 15 years - BBC News

"The document also detailed concerns from some staff about the speed at which some young people were being referred for treatment with puberty  blockers."

@CHIatCrumlin said in a reply to a query:

"Only approx. 40% of young people with gender dysphoria will be eligible for consideration for medical intervention."

It's likely therefore that girls will have been the greater cohort of those prescribed puberty blockers.