Thread from April 8th 2021

Why is the NWCI, the National Women's Council of Ireland, representing the interests of "transgender women and girls", who are males, in an organization which says its mission is to "lead and to be a catalyst in the achievement of equality for women"?  

Why is the chairperson of TENI on the board of the National Womens Council of Ireland?

Do trans activists not already have their own organisation to represent their interests?

Why has the NWCI allowed itself to be captured by  gender identity ideology which threatens the needs and rights of women and girls?

Does the NWCI really believe that by filling out this form men can become women?  

Application form for a Gender Recognition Certificate

Why did the NWCI not make any submission to the Gender Recognition Act Review Group report of 2018?

Why did they not seek to represent the interests of women and girls in the review?

Gender Recognition Act 2015 

Two men with Gender Recognition Certificates have already been sent to women's prisons.  Does the NWCI think this is acceptable?

In the latest case the prisoner has been sent to the Midlands Prison.  [Amendment: this man probably doesn't have a Gender Recognition Certificate.]

In the previous case the judge directed that the prisoner "should serve her sentence in the women’s prison".    

Women and girls are deserving of rights and representation on the basis of our sex.

"Gender identity" is an ideological belief incapable of an evidence based definition.

There are only two sexes, male and female, which are unchangeable.      #ShameIndeed#WeWillBeHeard

Correction: three men with GRCs in women's prisons

"Shauna Kavanagh (33), previously known as Sean Kavanagh, has transitioned to a woman since the assaults took place and is now known as Shauna. A gender recognition certificate was handed up in court."